As Mumbai awaits international singing sensation Justin Bieber’s maiden concert in India, the security issue has always remained a matter of concern with starts of such high stature. One can not guess how mad can the audience go when their favourite stars are performing in front of them.

Leaving no ground that may disappoint the world famous singer, Bollywood’s ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan’s most trusted man ‘Shera’ has been given the charge to monitor Justin Bieber’s security arrangements.

Salman Khan’s bodyguard Gurmeet Singh aka Shera has been given the security charge for the ‘Purpose Tour’ in India. Justin Bieber, who is expected to arrive at the concert in a chopper, will create his music sensation on May 10 in Mumbai.

The popstar will arrive in Mumbai on May 8 for his Jio Justin Bieber Purpose World Tour. 

Bieber will be given a tour around famous places and spots in the city. For this, Bollywood beauty Jacqueline Fernadez will company him to go around famous tourist location including Gateway of India, Kala Ghoda, Mani Bhavan and several other places.

Bollywood superstars Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, are contending for hosting Grammy Award winning Canadian singer Justin Bieber. 

Meanwhile, a lot was being discussed about the demands that Justin Bieber wants to be taken care off during his stay in India.

This will not be the first time when Shera will be supervising the security arrangements for international stars. In the past, Shera has handled security of popular artists including Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Jackie Chan, Paris Hilton and many others.