Kids are said to be God’s best gift as they possess a pure soul which does not allow them to hold back their thoughts and emotions. Every time they speak their heart out, they win the love of many. In a recent video that went viral on Twitter, a small girl has emerged as a ‘hero’ to many around the world.

No, she did not save the lives of people or foil any terror infiltration. And neither has she made a mark in the scientific or research field.

Well before we tell you anything, check out this video:

This little girl has become an online sensation after this video of her, confronting a man impersonating President Donald Trump, went viral.

“You’re a disgrace to the world,” the unidentified child said.

The video went viral after the people on social media thought that the girl was insulting US President Trump himself.

However, it’s not clear if the girl knew it was the actor, Atamanuik, or thought it was the real US President Donald Trump ― but the impersonator said on Twitter that the moment was spontaneous and unplanned.

Commenting on the matter, Atamanuik said, “I watched her form it in her mind right in front of me. She should be a new resistance meme!”

So putting all your thoughts to rest, the man in the video was Anthony Atamanuik, who hosts “The President Show” on Comedy Central as Trump and not the real US President Donald Trump.

The clip that went viral has turned the girl into a new sensation on social media.