Comedian Ssumier Pasricha popularly known by his comic characters like Pammi Aunty and Sarla Behenji recently wrote a poem addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In the poem, Pasricha in his Pammi aunty avatar urged PM Modi to take initiative for the safety of women in the country.

In the video, Pammi Aunty is seen talking to Sarla Behenji over the phone and tells her that she has penned down some lines for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social issues.

In the poem, Pammi draws an analogy to ‘Bheeshma Pitamah’ and ‘Dhritarashtra’ from the Mahabharata who remained silent when ‘Draupadi’ was disrobed in public. Aunty even warned the government if nothing is done and strict action is not taken, then there is strong possibility of more wars on the lines of the Mahabharata. She even said that before ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ it’s important to increase their security first.

She ends her conversation over the phone by raising the issue of increase in violence against women.