In a special conversation, Bollywood’s one of the most awaited film of the year, ‘Half Girlfriend’ team including Shraddha Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor, author Chetan Bhagat and Film Director Mohit Suri discussed about their upcoming film.

The ‘Ok Jaanu’ actress and ‘2 States’ actor discussed about their on-screen chemistry and journey throughout the making of their upcoming romantic drama.

Speaking about his books being adapted by filmmakers, author Chetan Bhagat shared how with time it has brought more expectations and pressure.

Like in her other movies, the ‘Rock On 2’ star Shraddha Kapoor has once again given her voice in her own version of one of the song in this upcoming movie ‘Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi’. The actress had previously given her voice for ‘Woh Jahaan’ in ‘Rock On 2’.

Apart from discussing about his upcoming movie, Arjun Kapoor shared why he had never been so much into reading when it comes to books and Shraddha ended up with a surprise for our viewers.

Watch NewsX’s interesting conversation with the stars of ‘Half Girlfriend’. The movie will hit the theatres on May 19.