Swami Om, the ex-‘Big Boss 10’ contestant, seems to be caught up in controversies so tightly that they just refuse to let him go. After making the headlines with his recently released ‘explicit’ video, Swami Om was recently thrashed by the public at an event organised in Delhi’s Vikas Nagar area on Friday.

The locals of the Vikas Nagar area in Delhi had organized an event to mark to the occasion of Nathu Ram Godse’s birth anniversary where Swami was invited as a guest.

As the ‘Big Boss 10’ contestant marched towards the stage to make the speech, he got the taste of the lash of whips as the infuriated crowd caught hold of him and thrashed him so badly that his hair which he calls ‘real’ came off.

The crowd was furious over the imposter monk being invited as a guest over the birth anniversary of Nathu Ram Godse. The agitated crowd later damaged the monk’s car also.

While Swami was getting felicitated, some people from the crowd stood up and started bashing Swami verbally. Later, when Swami reached his car, the angry mob surrounded the car, stopping him from escaping. Heavy damage was caused to the car and even the driver suffered some injuries.