It’s not always easy to keep up with the films of our favourite film stars as we all are very busy with our day-to-day schedules. We can’t even devote our life to watching movies all the time as the world of films is too vast.

So, here we are with our brand new show “At the Movies with Anupama Chopra”, a TV segment by NewsX that will define most of everything related to the world of entertainment and will keep the audiences updated with the juicy gossips of the stars of tinsel town.

The 24-minute show that will be hosted by Anupama Chopra, a very well known author, journalist and a film critic, will be launched today on NewsX.

The show will have interviews with the stars and film reviews of the week and will be telecasted every Saturday and Sunday on NewsX, NewsX YouTube channel and official website of NewsX.

The interviews will be of talent from hindi film industry and also Hollywood and will be pegged on the release of the week.

The interview of the week will also be followed by the ‘Film Review’ segment where Anupama Chopra will critic the film or films released that week and rate them.

Whenever possible, the show will also travel to cover and report from main film events like Cannes Film Festival, The Oscars etc.

So, all you movie buffs out there check out this space for all the entertainment related news.

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