Veteran actor Geeta Kapoor, best known for her role in ‘Pakeezah’, alleged that she was abandoned by her son halfway through her treatment at a Mumbai hospital.

A report by TOI said Geeta was admitted to SRV hospital in Goregaon in an unconscious state in April and while she was being treated by the doctors, her son left the hospital saying that he would be back with cash but never showed up.

Geeta was suffering from low blood pressure when she was admitted to the hospital. When her son Raja was asked money for the deposit for Geeta’s admission at the hospital, he said he would look for an ATM and return with cash. Since then, nobody from her family has asked about her.

The doctors at the hospital said that the 58-year-old actor was not well-fed.

After learning about the Geeta’s plight, CBSC member and filmmaker Ashok Pandit rushed to the rescue of ailing Geeta Kapoor. He said he got to know about the actor’s illness through newspapers.

“I came to know that an old lady named Geeta Kapoor has been abandoned in a Mumbai hospital by her children only after reading about it in the newspapers. I didn’t know Geeta Kapoor is the Geeta Kapoor from Pakeezah. After reaching the hospital I cleared the bills, and I wanted to tell the hospital guys that she will be taken care of, so there are no insecurities from the hospital’s side and they would continue treating her. Paying the bills was not a big thing, really. I saw my mother in her,” Indian Express quoted Pandit.