S S Rajamouli’s Baahubali: The Beginning is breaking all possible records in India. The movie had one of the best openings in the Indian cinema, even surpassing Shah Rukh Khan’s Happy New Year records. While HNY collected Rs. 44.97 crore on its opening day, Baahubali won the record by collecting Rs. 50 crore on its very first day.

Then followed another record when the flick collected Rs144.78 crore ($22.8 million) in India in just three days—the highest weekend opening for any Indian film.

After being screened on 250 screens, the movie also experienced a boosting opening for any Indian movie in The United States collecting Rs27.89 crore ($4.4 million) over the weekend.

Well, we are certain that Baahubali that is breaking all records across the globe would have several special factors about it. 

We bring you 9 simple reasons that make Baahubali a must watch. Scroll down…

Women Power

Baahubali is a must watch if you want to enjoy women characters as fighters. It clearly indicates how women in the older times fought for themselves and were just not eye candies. Yes, it indeed shows how women were respected and were the centre of power in Ancient India.

Love for Animals

 You will love this movie if you love animals and believe that sacrifice of animals should not be done…

Hinudism at its peak

A true Hindu lover will enjoy this movie the most. If you have love for saffron flags and enjoy Hindu Prateek (symbols) all around and feel proud of it, Baahubali is a treat for you. 

Grand interiors and décor 

Watch this movie for the amazing ancient Indian architecture with monumental Viharas & Rathas in the backdrop. The grand interiors shown in the movie are simply jaw-dropping.

Incredible cinematography

The movie boasts of the best cinematography ever done in the history of Indian cinema. 

Way beyond ‘Bollywoodism’

Well, if you are bored of the clichés used in typical Bollywood movies and want to get away from the romantic dramas that are released almost every Friday, Baahubali is for you. 

The budget    

The movie is made at a huge budget of Rs 250 cr and has taken as much as two-year long time for the VFX to get designed. Now, with that amount of time invested in it with that whopping amount, it definitely calls for a watch.

Class apart concept and costumes

Period drama, Baahubali has a magnificent concept. The movie displaying ancient times has excellent collection of costumes, jewellery, fight sequences and weapons that were used in the pre-historic age. The sets created for the movie as well contribute towards making this movie an epic piece.

Bollywood going gaga

Well, this is another reason. This theatrical version of the film has received immense appreciation from Bollywood veterans like Amitabh Bachchan. 

So, it’s time to watch this movie with family and kids and show them how powerful the background of our country has been. We have not only been great warriors but also lived a luxurious life. Go ahead and vouch for this movie and enjoy every second spent on it! Cheers!


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