Mumbai: Veteran actor Anupam Kher, whose autobiographical play will be staged for the 325th time in Mumbai on Saturday, says the stage production liberated him from his fear of failure and made him comfortable with himself.

“Today is 325th show of my autobiographical play #KucchBhiHoSaktaHai. This play liberated me from d fear of failure. My play #KucchBhiHoSaktaHai started 10yrs back when I was going through tough times. I decided to do a play where I laugh at my failures.

“Laughing at my failures, setbacks, disasters, wrong decisions made me stronger & peaceful. I became ME. Comfortable with who I am,” the 60-year-old shared on Twitter.

He thanked Feroz Khan for directing it, Ashok Patole for writing it and the technical team for always being there. He, also expressed gratitude to “audiences worldwide” for watching it.

“Kuchh Bhi Ho Sakta Hai” narrates the journey of a man from failure to success.

It features Anupam narrating and dramatising the important events in his life — and so, it tracks the story of a man who experiences constant failures in the Mumbai film industry, yet never loses hope. It’s a story that resonates with every struggler.

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