A farmhouse party in Delhi where young teenagers are partying the night away. While the booze is flowing, in one corner there are some young men who are snorting it up. Suddenly we see the young men grab a young girl and abducting her in a black SUV.

All of us are aware of what happens next given the stories we have seen and heard over the last few years. This is a story not just about rape and crime but about how it affects a family – especially the mother.

‘Mom’ sees Sridevi as Devaki in the pivotal role around which this movie revolves. A biology teacher, Devaki is mom to two daughters but to the elder daughter, Arya, she is a stepmom. Arya like most teenagers is precocious but given the fact that she has yet to accept Devaki as her mom, their relationship is highly strained. Devaki is Arya’s teacher in school and she continues to remain ‘Ma’am’ at home. Her her rape destroys the relation further but Devaki vows to avenge those that hurt knowing that the trauma has ruined her daughter’s life.

Sridevi as Devaki has delivered a stellar performance in this film which firmly rests on her shoulders. And she has a great supporting cast to enhance her performance too. Talented Nawazuddin Siddiqui as DK conveys such emotion with just a single look or sentence that his performance stands out in the film.

Unfortunately, Akshaye Khanna doesn’t have a role of substance in this film and any actor could have stepped into his shoes. One must mention Sajal Ali (Arya) here. The young girl is outstanding in some scenes like one where she sees Devaki after she returns home from the hospital.

People may see similarities between this film and ‘Pink’ or ‘Maatr’ but it is different from them. While all of them centre around rape, here it’s the mother who goes out to get justice for her daughter on whatever way she knows best. However, director Ravi Udyawar has taken a simplistic approach in the way he narrates the story and there are obviously loopholes. Having said that, he has highlighted the emotional trauma that the victim and family undergoes and this is the crux of Mom. And And Sridevi is completely at ease in the emotional scenes. For 148 mins you watch waiting to see what Devaki does next. Given that it’s tough to hold the audience’s attention in this day and age, Mom and Sridevi deliver an enjoyable drama that has you rooting for her and even shedding a tear.