World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) never fails to entertain and when it comes to the special shows of the biggest wrestling show there has ever been, main events take the plaudits away. One such event took place on Sunday night when WWE divas Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss contested for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship in Great Balls of Fire.

There was immense anticipation among WWE fans for this match and although the two superstars lived up to the mark displaying sheer grit in a breathtaking contest but the result of the game left audience with bitter taste to go with, especially the fans of Sasha Banks.

In a tough grappling match, Sasha Banks triumphed over current Women’s Championship title holder Alexa Bliss but she wasn’t awarded the much-coveted golden belt because of the way Banks won.

During the match, Bliss failed to enter the ring within the count of 10 and referee counted her out, announcing Banks as the winner of the Great Balls of Fire. By the standard WWE rules, Banks wasn’t given the title of WWE Raw Women’s Champion as she won it through the incompetency of the opponent.

Now, it remains to be seen whether furious Banks will seek an immediate rematch or will wait for another WWE Specials to take what she deserves.