Actor Kichcha Sudeep, famous for playing the role of Sudeep in the Telugu movie ‘Eega’, which was later released as ‘Makhi’ in Hindi, on Tuesday published a letter for his fans and friends.

In his letter, Sudeep thanked all his fans for their support and unconditional love on his birthdays. He humbly requested his fans to donate their hard earned money to the needy rather than spending them on his birthdays by giving him cakes, garlands and many more materialistic things.

Sudeep even announced that he will not celebrate his birthdays in future and will choose to be away from the home on those days. He ended the letter asking people to look around and help the needy.


Recently, there were reports that the Sandalwood actor Kichcha Sudeep will be making his Hollywood debut with the movie ‘Risen’.

Here is the full text of his letter:

Hello friend’s ,,,

All these years I have felt blessed and loved when each one would turn up for my birthday and celebrating it as if it was your own… Thank U all for this unconditional love tat u all have showered for more than two decades now… I have Nuthn to offer u all apart from my love n work ,,, Wch I Wil do til my last breath..

Over th years I saw many n many spending their hard earned money over cakes, garlands n many more materialistic things .. There has been many who have travelled miles n miles to his come n wish me,,which again collectively is a large amount of money.. I have seen money being spent on decorating th roads,areas,my house,,it’s surroundings etc.
I request u all to use tat money to donate to those in need… Use this money to buy food to those, to whom a single meal a day is a dream.. Trust me ,,the money tats being spent on decorations n cakes etc,,can actually save someone’s house ,,or someone’s life.
This to me is th best gift u all can give me ,,
This wil be th best way to celebrate,,
N This is that little we all can do for our people in need…

I shall not be celebrating my birthday anymore as I choose to be away from home,, probably doin th same what I’m requesting u all to do.. N I am hoping that my words Wil be respected …
Let’s make th best of what time has gifted us and let’s make a few smile tat day.. Look around and u Will see a lot who needs ur ill support and help… Lend them tat hand..

Someday u Wil see Light shining on u too,,when u least expect to see a smallest ray…



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