What’s making news today is the fact that actress and politician Khushbu supposedly lashed out at Shruti Haasan for walking out of Sanghamitra.

Considering the actress’ tweets came nearly two months after Shruti walked out, it seemed out of place. Speaking exclusively to NewsX, Khushbu dismisses the controversy saying, “I have better things to do than slam an individual. It’s an individual’s interpretation of how they want to take the tweets. This is a democracy and everyone is free to interpret the tweets how they want to.”

As everyone knows, Sanghamitra is the Rs 400 crore Tamil flick that is being helmed by C Sundar who is married to Khushbu. In fact, the entire team had been to Cannes to launch the film. Post their return, Shruti had sent out a statement on May 30 that she opted out of the project as she wasn’t given a bound script.

On Monday, Khushbu had put out several tweets including, “I see sum1 mkng weird comments abt #Sangamitra script not bng ready..work has bn bng on 4 the last 2yrs..unprofessionals do not know.. 4 a movie like #Sangamitra shooting part is jus 30%..70% of the work is done b4 shooting..blaming othrs 4 ur own shortcomings..sourgrapes?”

Meanwhile, Khushbu has taken a break from Twitter as she finds it too addictive.

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