Malayalam actor Dileep has been in custody for about a week and the Aluva sub-jail is flooded with fan mails for him. However, it is being reported that he has not opened a single one. The letters consist of fan mails as well hate mails and they are clearly addressed to him with his cell number.

Dileep was arrested with regard to the kidnapping and sexual assault of an actress. Many in the film industry have spoken out against him in public and he has been ousted out of film associations as well. Meanwhile, the public outrage has not stopped.

Many websites recently carried articles praising Dileep and his social work to seemingly quell the public anger but to no avail. Though Dileep has maintained he is innocent, the police investigation has revealed numerous pieces of evidence and is far from over.

There are reports that Dileep misused his position in many ways. So right now, the investigation has gone beyond the actress’ sexual assault and has led the police to suspect land dealings, web of black money and the power Dileep wielded within the Malayalam film industry.