The cop and gangster film formula has taken a new turn with ‘Vikram Vedha’ directed by Pushkar-Gayatri. The husband and wife have given a thriller that is fresh and shines with strong performances by the leads.

The film opens with Vikram (Madhavan), a cop, who heads a special team set up to snare gangster Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi). Vikram is a tough cop, married to lawyer Priya (Shraddha Srinath), who believes that every bad guy eliminated in an encounter is for the good of society. And he says, “I sleep well at night.”

While Vikram and his team, including Simon (Prem) strategise to capture Vedha, Vedha himself walks into the police station and surrenders. Why? What compels Vedha to do this? Vikram and he form an unusual bond as Vedha narrates certain incidents and this propels the story forward.

Like the names of the protagonists suggest, the director duo have framed it on the folk tale of Vikram and Betaal (Vedhalam). On the first look, the story of Vikram Vedha seems black and white but it’s the grey that’s been explored. What can be deemed right and wrong? Is the action of a cop more justifiable than a similar action by a gangster?

Pushkar and Gayatri have given us a thriller that’s engaging and totally entertaining after their seven year hiatus. The performances of Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi take this movie to another level – both of them have a distinct inimitable style and swag that has to be applauded.

Vikram and Vedha are tough and strong but also sentimental and extremely likeable. The dialogues and little nuances (like Vedha saying hi to an old lady) also add to the flavour of the film. And Sam CS background score for the film is definitely electrifying.

Every step of Vikram chasing Vedha gives the audience new twists and with PS Vinod’s cinematography, the film is a must-watch. Pushkar and Gayatri, who have also written the story, have a winner with Vikram Vedha.