Varun (Varun Tej), a medical student, comes down to India from the US with his brother to get him married. They end up going to a small town in Telangana to find the bride and that’s where Varun meets Bhanu (Sai Pallavi). Bhanu is his sister-in-law’s sister and is a firecracker. An agriculture student, Bhanu rides a tractor on the farm as easily as she shoots off her repartees. Varun and Bhanu grow close and as expected, turn fidaa over each other. But Varun returns to the US with his brother and family. He then proposes only to be rejected by Bhanu. Why does she reject him? Do they end up together finally?

Director Shekhar Kammula has given us a complete romance in ‘Fidaa’. There is hardly any heroism and most of the fights are verbal. Varun Tej is all brawn in the film while Sai Pallavi, who makes her debut in Telugu with this film, is the essence of femininity.

Fidaa is centred around Bhanu and is really Bhanu’s story. It’s about a small town Indian girl falling in love with an NRI and learning to accept it. While her heart loves him, she also yearns for her small town and her life there. Sai Pallavi has delivered a wonderful performance in the film. She jokes, laughs, dances and cries her way into your heart. And the Telangana dialect that she speaks is quite endearing.

The only problem with ‘Fidaa’ is that the story might be appealing only to a very niche audience. The first half is quite slow and only picks up in the second. The love story is not new but director Shekhar Kammula has tried to reinvent it by using Bhanu as the protagonist. Despite Sai Pallavi’s standout performance, it doesn’t make you completely fidaa over the film.