Friday, September 30, 2022

7 fun facts to know about supermodel Karan Oberoi on his birthday

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Model Karan Oberoi, also referred as K.O, who is known for his contribution in fitness modelling, modelling for international brands and labels, walked the ramp for top fashion designers have turned 33 today. Born on 26th September this handsome male model has come a long way since he was seen on the cover of famous magazine Men’s Health with Russian model Alena and since then he has been a star of numerous fashion and fitness brands. Among many other awards, KO has also won ‘youth icon model’ of 2018 at global leadership awards and has a massive fan following across social media especially Instagram.

According to one of the leading publications, Karan is also one of the most photographed faces among models in India today and has thousands of professional portfolio pictures wearing high fashion apparels while flaunting his lean muscular body which has made him darling of many young men and women. He has been professionally photographed by many leading photographers from our country.

From ramp to print campaigns to digital and televisions ads he has done all. Today he is celebrated as a popular style and fitness icon. We shall be sharing few fun facts about this birthday boy Karan Oberoi “KO” that you might love to know if you are his fan too-

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KO’s favourite holiday destination is Dubai

Karan Oberoi’s favourite holiday destination is Dubai. He loves Dubai for not just the city it is, but for the people, food and shopping. Also, in India he loves to go to Pushkar, that is his favourite drive to destination from Delhi. He loves the calmness and spiritual vibes of that city.

KO is a firm believer of Astrology

He is a firm believer of astrology, that gets his spiritual side to the world. However he does not have a blind faith in that science, he believes everything comes to you with hard-work and good karma. Also, in his free time, he likes to gain knowledge on the science and is seen wearing an expensive “Neelam” stone in his middle finger.

 KO is a big time foodie

He loves eating out and one of comfort food is sushi. Besides being a lover of Sushi, he loves to have Chole Bhature and Delhi chaat whenever he is in his home town. He says the love for good food runs in his family, his father was a true foodie.

KO unlike any other girl loves shopping!

Model Karan Oberoi believes that  there are a lot of men who loves shopping but deny it because they think it makes them any less of a man. He is a shopaholic and cannot go 10 days without shopping. He says though he is a shopaholic but he does not spend hours at a store. If he likes something it takes him a minute to try and buy.

KO loves Mumbai more than his home town Delhi

Karan does not shy away to admit that he loves the city of dreams – Mumbai, where he shifted almost a decade back. He believes Mumbai connects with his soul. But he cannot deny the fact that part of his heart is always in Delhi because his family lives there. And also, model Karan Oberoi couldn’t resist mentioning the love for Delhi food that he has in him since childhood.

 Karan has a fetish for shoes and watches

KO has a big fetish for shoes and watches, mostly when he is out shopping, he ends up grabbing a pair of shoes. Apart from being a lover of boots, he is fond of good sneakers. Currently, his favorite sneaker brand is Onitsuka Tiger. He loves the comfort and colors. 

Karan prefers sea over mountains 

He travels for Goa 2-3 times an year since it’s just a hop skip and jump away from where he lives. Though he has travelled to a lot of mountain destinations as a kid since he lived in Delhi. His family on every summer vacation would plan a road trip to the mountains. In college, when he got an opportunity to travel to Goa and experience the sea he couldn’t resist traveling there more often.


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