Thala Ajith’s Vivegam is set to release on August 10 and his fans just can’t wait. Directed by Siva, the movie stars Ajith as an international spy. This is the third film that Siva and Thala Ajith have done together and expectations are high. In this exclusive chat with NewsX, Siva reveals more about the film.

Q. How is this film going to showcase Thala Ajith’s skills on screen?

A. Each of my three films with him have different settings and are of different genres. Veeram was a movie that had a village setting while Vedhalam was a city-based subject.
Vivegam is a film that is international as Ajith plays an international spy in the film. It has been shot abroad extensively. In fact, I think this is a new genre for Tamil cinema itself. He will be seen as an extremely smart, fit and suave spy. But there’s also a strong emotional connect through the film.

Q. Is Vivegam Ajith’s best-ever action film?

A. I can say yes because the Tamil audience would have never seen the kind of stunts that he has performed in this film in any of his previous films. There are many action sequences that are one-of-a-kind in this film but one of the highlights is the action scene with him riding a bike. Everyone knows that he loves bikes and is a bike racer but they have never seen him on screen in this avatar. In Vivegam, the audience and his fans will get to see him perform stunts on a bike.

The kind of risks Ajith sir has taken for this film is unimaginable. He was completely committed to the film in every sense and performed all the stunts himself. In Vivegam, he had to do the bike stunt scene on snowy, slippery roads at night-time and it wasn’t too safe. But he did it with so much ease and confidence. We were all shocked!


Q. Why do you think he likes to take risks like performing his own stunts?

A. Ajith sir is a very gutsy person. He told me when we were shooting Veeram that he doesn’t like someone else taking the risks for him and prefers to take his own risks when he is doing stunts. Like I said, he’s very intelligent and he’s got very good reflexes. He knows what type of risks to take and what he can pull off.

Q. There are always some punchlines in his films. What can we expect in Vivegam?

A. In this movie, there are dialogues that will resonate strongly with the youth. Like he says ‘never ever give up’. He also says, “Even if the world stands against you, under all circumstances, if the world keeps telling you that you have failed…until you accept it, no one can defeat you.” These have already gone viral and there many dialogues like this in the film that the audience will take home with them as it’ll connect with their life.

Q. How would you describe your relationship with Ajith?

A. I look upto him. There’s so much to learn from him really. He’s honest, sincere and caring and very intelligent too. I have learnt so many things from him in the last five years.

Q. All the three films which you have directed with Ajith start with V – Veeram, Vedhalam and now Vivegam. Is there a ‘V’ magic?

A. No, nothing of that sort. It’s just happened that all the three films ended up with title in V. With Veeram the title was decided later but with Vedhalam it’s the name of the character. We chose Vivegam for this film because it’s a spy thriller that’s high-octane, fast-paced and thrilling.

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