Singer Mika Singh has always managed to stay in the limelight and stun the media with his remarks, except, this time he has upped the ante. Mika has come up with the most bizarre demand of a unified Independence Day for India and Pakistan.

Remember, Pakistan celebrate their Independence Day just a day prior to India’s which is August 14.

The singer’s absurd demand is also accompanied by a common date for both countries that should be the 13th of August. He says India should have a common Independence Day along with neighboring-rival country Pakistan. This comes after Pakistan and India have had a constant face off at the LoC, cross border cease fire at Kashmir border with Pakistan funding terrorism in Jammu Kashmir.

Recently, Mika Singh had been tied under a molestation case. An FIR was filed against the singer Mika Singh for allegedly molesting and sexually assaulting a model, according to TV reports.