Just when we thought that internet sensation Dhinkchak Pooja’s legacy will come to an end after YouTube pulled her massive singles off the hook, our ears are in for another junket as she is back with a bang, apparently stronger than ever, with the latest single ‘Baapu Dede Thoda Cash’.

Dhinchak Pooja needs no introduction, so you know what you’re in for when news of her single emerges on the internet.

In this song, Pooja is on whole another level as she is craving ‘Gucci Ke Kapde’, Rolex watches (yes with diamonds) and her own World Tour, which is quite mandatory for an artist like her.

The cringe worthy singer is back to make your ears bleed perhaps one more time as she unleashes her lyrical genius in her latest single.

Unfortunately for all her loyal fans, Dhinchak was nowhere to be found as her new smash hit is called a ‘lyrical song’ but a feature video including Pooja is likely to follow.

With everything said and done, check out Dhinchak Pooja’s cash money flow through her latest single here: