Apart from the hustle- bustle of B-town celebrities’ reel lives, their real lives are equally worth peeping in for.  Bollywood celebrities stay under limelight not just because of their work in the movies but also their relationships. After all, a lot of us love to keep a check on who is dating whom and who will be getting married to which celebrity soon.

Amidst this, an untold presumed ‘one-sided’ love story has sought a lot of attention, lately. It revolves around the queen of hearts, Madhuri Dixit and her unprecedented love for Sunil Gavaskar, a famous cricketer who she loved with all her heart.

It was Madhuri Dixit’s secret fantasy that revolved around Gavaskar, which never gained much momentum earlier because of the fact that she never used to speak openly about any of her crushes. In spite of the fact that she was surrounded by controversies throughout her career, she never reported these things in the media.

However, Madhuri confessed her love for Gavaskar in an interview in 1992 where she said, “I’m mad for Sunil Gavaskar. He is too sexy. I want to run behind him and he even came in my dream.” 

During her big innings in Bollywood, Madhuri Dixit was just 25 at that time and Sunil Gavaskar was 43 where they had an age gap of almost 18 years. It was a first confession of that kind where she had openly revealed to a tabloid.

While we don’t know what was Gavaskar’s reaction to this statement but we do know that Ms. Nene wasn’t wrong to be in love with this man as Sunil Gavaskar can still be counted as one popular Indian Cricketer till date.