Speaking exclusively to NewsX, RJ Malishka, who was hounded for highlighting the civic issues in Mumbai in a video, shared her experience about how the video she made turned into a movement.

RJ Malishka’s video went viral and gained massive support not only from Mumbai but from around the country.

The RJ had earlier posted a video highlighting the civic issues in Mumbai, which didn’t go down well with Yuva Sena leaders as they alleged that BMC was being blamed for issues that did not fall under its purview.

Later, the municipal authority inspected Malishka’s house and served her with a notice for mosquito breeding.

Here are the excerpts of Malishka’s interview to NewsX:

NewsX: When you shot this video, did you anticipated the kind of angry  response and intimidation that you face from the BMC after that?

Malishka: Definitely not the intimidation and definitely not the response either. However, both came as a surprise. When we made the video, the underline thought behind it was like as usual every year we talk about rains, monsoon, pot holes caused by rains … we like to believe that not only we are citizens brought up in the city … but we also have a responsibility having a voice to be able to take people’s concerns who can do something about it … and that’s all we did.

“We were very excited … when our video started to go viral … it was a situation that the Mumbaikars facing …”

NewsX: There were people who felt that the BMC came out with angry response, your home was raided as well as, you were sent notices also?

Malishka: It’s not a new situation … its not something that they are not used to hear about. People are tired of bad roads … a basic road is something a common man should be able to expect … the people really related to the video, it makes sense to them in a way that perhaps so many other attempts happening because believe me all of us had made attempts … why should it have upset them … I am hoping that in future because I know if not me than someone else, there will questions raised and they should be taking it in a right spirit and give the citizen what they want … we are the voice of what people are saying.

NewsX: Your are facing a law suit, you have raids from the BMC and served with a notice for mosquito breeding. Do you regret in anyway of releasing the video?

Malishka: There have been no charges, there has been one visit to my home, one visit to my building. During that one visit they checked up all the houses in the building, they knew where I lived … they went up there … my mother let them in. we are law abiding citizens, she did not think to distrust or mistrust, she thought that this was a routine and that they should be able to do their work … though lots of people had asked was it a revenge scene or conspiracy theories … what I am trying to tell is that our trust levels are still very high. We did not said you can’t enter the house … that did not happen and that’s the element of trust I want to carry forward as well, whether its the safety of the people in your lives or whether it is your roads. 

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