Bangladeshi internet sensation Hero Alom Bogra who is known for his self-made video songs recently tweeted out a morphed picture of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan taking a selfie with.

Hero Alom’s songs had taken the internet by storm that paved way for a lot of memes and trolls, surprising the so-called actor have got a large fan following like our own KRK, Rakhi Sawant.

Alom captioned the picture as, “Saarukh Khan fan of me – 100% Hero Alom Bogra…..Hear, Saarukh is taking selfee with me……love you Saarukh my fan.”


This tweet by the self-proclaimed actor had surely tickled everyone’s funny bones. However, he didn’t stop there; Alom on Friday shared another picture of SRK.

After being severely trolled for calling Saarukh’ his fan, Hero Alom now calls the superstar a ‘siniar sitizen.’

Alom has been continuously tweeting bizarre things on his twitter page that will literally tickle your funny bones.