He’s a rich spoilt brat who doesn’t know the value of money. Goutham (Gopichand) leads a drug and alcohol-fuelled life that is marked by luxurious possessions and his pet dog Boomer. Mugdha (Catherine Tresa), who loves him, is a constant in his life but he feels nothing. One day he realises that while he has all the money in the world, he has no emotions.

This is when he accidentally meets Nanda (Gopichand), a penniless young man who lives with his parents and sister in a basti. He spends his time dreaming that his app will be a hit and he’ll become a billionaire. In the ‘basti’, it is pretty Spoorthi (Hansika) who has eyes for him.

As we can expect, the two swap lives to experience what the other doesn’t have. But there’s something unexpected that happens and this forms the crux of the story.

Tollywood actor Gopichand returns to the big screen after nearly two years with director Sampath Nandi’s Goutham Nanda. 

In order to show a sharp contrast, one Gopichand is suave, rich and stylish while the other is an ordinary basti guy with no money.

The leading ladies Catherine Tresa and Hansika glam up the film and have been given ample songs as well with Gopichand. The music by S S Thaman is totally peppy and upbeat. In fact, Gopichand has been given a very colourful look in them too!

Director Sampath Nandi’s film is unfortunately old wine in a new bottle.

What he has tried to do is infuse a strong social message about money and the importance of it in our lives. The contrasting lives between the rich and the poor is what he has shown in the lives of Goutham and Nanda. How money and lack of it can wreak havoc in our lives is the underlying message.

The storyline is an old one and given that this is seen as Gopichand’s comeback film, one is not sure if it’s a great one. However, Gopichand’s acting and the thumping songs would be a treat for all his fans.

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