‘Nibunan’ takes off with the audience being introduced to Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer, Ranjith Kalidoss (Arjun) and his team members Joseph (Prasanna) and Vandana (Varalaxmi). He is a gritty, highly acclaimed officer who is all set to move to the IB headquarters as the head in a year. But a new case comes in the form of a bloodied small doll with a goat’s head. They discover a serial killer and Ranjith and his team set out to investigate it.

Nibunan is action king Arjun’s 150th film and he plays a top cop once again but with a key difference. Ranjith is not a superhero cop but a human one as he and his wife (Shruthi Hariharan) discover he has Parkinson’s. Despite this, Ranjith continues to battle it out to find the zodiac murderer who’s on a killing spree.

Arjun is completely at ease playing a cop and the emotional shade given to his role is a good choice by director Arun Vaidyanathan. Usually, cops in Tamil cinema are portrayed with a lost love and that becomes their weakness. But Arun Vaidyanathan has made a disease as Ranjith’s weakness.

Prasanna and Varalaxmi have enough screen space to showcase their talent though it’s the former who constantly tickles the audience with his ‘jettikullai bomb’ line. Sruthi Hariharan as the devout, loving wife of Arjun is a delight as well.

The movie is not drastically novel as a whodunit, but it’s engaging with its twists and turns. The music by Navin is apt for the film but the sound is a little too loud and distracting.

Given that Arjun is a talented star, the focus of the script seems to be more on him rather than the story. And this is where it falters. The mystery starts to unravel very quickly in the second half and that is disappointing.

As the movie is a thriller, the director could have kept the audience on tenterhooks till the very end without making it so straightforward. This would have made Nibunan an audience favourite this year. Having said that, Arjun adds his style factor and action moves to make the movie highly watchable. 

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