After his last super hit Kahaani, starring Vidya Balan, the latest short film by Sujoy Ghosh is garnering praises from all corners. Based on the story of a character in Hindu mythology of the same name, Ahalya featuring Radhika Apte is sure you leave enthralled. (Also Read: Radhika Apte’s nude images, video go viral on internet, police to take action)

According to Indian mythology, Ahalya is known to be the creation of Lord Brahma. Now the myth is that Ahalya was the most beautiful woman in the world, even though she was cursed by her husband, an old story called Gautama for infidelity.

Ghosh has definitely taken an age old myth and given it an exciting, modern twist.

In his latest short movie, Radhika Apte is the lead woman playing the character of Ahalya, the young and gorgeous wife of an aging artist, played by veteran Soumitra Chatterjee. (Also Read: After Radhika Apte, nude pictures of actress Preeti Gupta go viral)

The movie starts begins as a young policeman (Tota Roy Chowdhury) enters their home to question them about a missing man. It then turns spooky as you are shown that a doll-version of the missing person is placed on the couple’s mantelpiece, along with few other dolls.

But before you try to start jumping on the conclusions, the spellbinding plot takes you through. 

The edgy and spooky unraveling events then follow. Apte’s acting, yet another time has given the movie a factor that justifies that the film is not one-dimensional as it appears in the initial five minutes. 

Ahalya is amongst those short movies that you would not mind sharing on your wall and also as your friend’s post and ask them to watch at the earliest. Well, you would not mind discussing it over a cup of tea either as you would be keen to discuss the climax of the movie. 

Watch Sujoy Ghosh’s Ahalya here:

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