The movie starts off with an introduction to newly-engaged Gujarati lass Sejal Zaveri (Anushka) and Punjabi Harry Nehra (Shah Rukh), a tour guide in Europe. Sejal, who’s on an European tour with her family, realises she has lost her heirloom engagement ring. She refuses to board the flight back to India from Amsterdam till she gets her ring back. Sejal compels Harry to take to all the places she and her family visited across Europe in the hopes of finding the ring.

Director Imtiaz Ali is known for his romances and his focus on love and the various nuances of a couple experiencing love. Jab Harry Met Sejal (JHMS) follows the same route with Harry, a womaniser, falling in love with Sejal, a highly energetic lawyer who’s clear she won’t break off her engagement.

SRK is seen as a lover boy once again while Anushka is the bubbly young woman who we’ve seen before on screen. Imtiaz Ali’s previous films, whether it was Jab We Met or Cocktail, had originality in terms of the script. Unfortunately, the script is weak in JHMS and woven around the plot of a lost ring. The director has pumped in a lot of lovey-dovey-ness and mush in the film as romance between Harry and Sejal. Though the couple discover that they are soulmates but it’s very superficial and not soul-stirring for the audience. There’s also a sense of deja vu in numerous scenes thanks to his previous films.

Shah Rukh Khan as the lover man is perfect and definitely looks and romances better on screen with age. Anushka as the young Gujarati girl is fun and is an apt foil to SRK in the film. Their performances are the backbone of this movie which skates around on a flimsy script.

There are numerous songs but it’s Radha that’s one of the more memorable ones. The cinematography is breath-taking thanks to the scenic locations of Europe and K U Mohanan.

There were a lot of expectations from the SRK-Imtiaz-Anushka combo. Despite some sparks of love and a smatter of lip-curling scenes thanks to SRK, JHMS is an empty but beautiful travelogue of Europe. 

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