Today it is the occasion to celebrate friendship, to celebrate the fun that we all have with friends, to celebrate the moment when we have been given a comfort level by our friends to make our lives better, to celebrate those people that have always been there and making your lives worth to live.

People are different and so is their way of life, but yet everybody is surrounded with few friends who may or not be like them but are so immersed in each other’s life that it becomes hard to imagine a world without them.

Friendship, a relationship that has been explained and performed in various form like poetry, films, writing and other stuff but one such programme which has been loved by millions was the ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ series.

People who have watched it just can’t forget the madness between those six friends, their commitment towards each other, their trust and the life through various phases.

We all have related or compared in some point of time in our lives friends that we have with the different characters which were originally played in the ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ series.

So let’s take a look at some of those best ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ moments when the programme made us realise the importance of friends in our lives.

Season 1 Episode 24: When we realise the importance of one such friend who would accidentally reveal your crush that you love him and what you end after that is the relationship you always wanted.

In this episode, Chandler accidentally reveals it to Rachel that Ross was in love with her after she was amazed over an expensive gift on her birthday from Ross.

Season 1 Episode 10: Reminds us of such friends who are expert to understand your code language when you are stuck with a girl at a public place.

One of the hilarious moments, Chandler, who got stuck with ‘Jill Goodacre’ at an ATM calls Monika to tell her that he is stuck with a girl. Monika apparently doesn’t get what he is trying to say. Chandler asks her to hand over phone to Joey who understands his message in one single shot.

Season 5, Episode 5: That situation when one of your friend gets to know about your secret relationship and agrees to hide it from your other friends.

Monica and Chandler trying to keep their new relationship a secret from everybody but following some clues from Monika while she is talking to Chandler in the living room, Joey realises that both are dating. What follows next is Chandler desperately stopping Joey to reveal the truth from everybody with their amazing hilarious reactions.

Season 10: Final episode: That one friend who takes you to the Airport to tell your ex-girlfriend that you are still in love with her.

Final episode, Ross after 10 years finally realises that he can’t live without Rachel who is leaving for a new job in Paris. Ross decides to go to the airport and Phoebe is the one who takes him to the airport. At first, they both land up at the wrong airport, Phoebe doesn’t give and take Ross to the other airport. When they reach, they see Rachel entering the place and Phoebe screams so loudly ‘Rachel’ to tell her Ross is here. Ross makes his final confession. 

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