In an auction fanned by Rick & Morty geeks, a McDonald’s 20 year old Szechuan sauce pack has been sold in an ebay auction for $15,000. The sauce was hot on people’s tongues after it was mentioned on the Season 3 Premier Episode of the cult animation.

On public demand, Mc Donald’s brought back the sauce and to commemorate the end of the third season they sent a bottle to Rick and Morty’s creator Justin Roiland. They also sent a few packs to those fans who tweeted its celebrated comeback.

One of the fans who owned the prized possession had put it up for auction on ebay.

In the 3rd season premier, Rick goes back in time to get hold of McDonald’s flavoursome nectar — their szechuan sauce. In the episode ‘Rickshank Redemption’ Rick travels back to a McDonald’s store to get hold of the delish sauce. The szechuan or the Terayaki sauce was marketed and launched by McDonald’s in 1998 along with animation flick Mulan’s Happy Meal set and Chicken Nuggets.

McDonald’s szechuan sauce was marketed only as a promotional product some 20 years ago in 1998. In the episode, Rick Sanchez is shown obsessing over the sauce and it prompts him to travel back to another dimension; apparently his fans were equally smitten by the lost memories of the ever so sweet addictive concoction when the episode was aired.

In an attempt to bring the sauce back the fans went a step ahead and filed a petition just to coax McDonald’s to introduce the sauce again.

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