The Indian subcontinent achieved independence from the 200 year of British Rule on the intervening night of 14 and 15 August, 1947.

Although the country was free but it was divided into two. The conflict, the trauma that the country had to go through to achieve independence is not something unknown to us. Our freedom fighters had never dreamt of the division of this country at the cost of our independence.

Both India and Pakistan, born 24 hours apart turn 70 this year. The relationship between the neighbour has been strained throughout the time under unavoidable circumstances.

 A relationship of peace between the countries is something unthinkable at present but we as human being do look forward and wish for a peaceful relationship between India and Pakistan.

To celebrate the Independence Day of both India and Pakistan together, a Facebook group by the name Voice of Ram, has brought together artistes from both sides of the border to sing the national anthems of both the countries together. The beautiful rendition of ‘Pak Sarzamin’ and ‘Jan Gan Man’ is so amazing that it actually gives us goosebumps.. The mash up opens with a line which says ,”When we open our borders to art, peace comes along”, and ends with “Let’s stand together for peace.”


 VOR also produced another song wherein the Indian a capella band Voxchord sang Pakistan’s national anthem for their Independence Day on August 14.