Actress Archana Puran Singh–the ‘Laughter Queen’–will be replacing Navjot Singh Sidhu, Punjab’s Minister of Local Tourism; in the wake of his ill health recently.

Archana has said in a statement that she was requested by her friend Kapil to replace Navjot Singh and she couldn’t say “no” to her friend, however, she will be replacing Navjot Singh only for a few episodes.

Quipping on her return to the throne she also said that it will be “weird” for her to sit on the same chair as Sidhu. Clearing the air amid confusions as to whether she will be a regular part of the show like old times, she said that she will be featuring in the show till Navjot Singh recovers from his illness and is ready to join the show.

As is well-known the trio; Archana, Kapil and Navjot’s association with each other, goes a long way back.

Archana and Navjot have both judged other comedy shows together when Kapil had only started his career as a comedian. He rose to considerable fame for his witty one liners and impeccable comic timing and went on to win the ‘Comedy Circus’ show, which was judged by Archana.

They have been together for a long time and have worked in a lot of comedy series–Comedy Circus, Comedy Circus ke Ajoobey, Jubliee Comedy Circus,–in some of them actor and director Sohail Khan was also seen as a judge. Remembering old times she said that when her friends came up to her with the request of coming back to the show she just couldn’t refuse the offer.

The Kapil Sharma Show is aired every weekend, Starurday and Sunday, on the Sony Entertainment Channel.

As per reports, Kapil’s show has garnered a lot of attention recently due to tiffs between him and his co-stars.