The hackers are at it again. This time the victim is none other than the beautiful Anne Hathway. 'The Devil Wears Prada' actor Anne Hathaway's nude pictures were leaked online by notorious hackers on Wednesday, August 16. The pictures of the Hollywood star have already been shared on various social media sites and have gone viral and the actor started trending on Twitter too. The actor, also well appreciated for her role in The Dark Knight alongside Christian Bale is not the first one to fall prey to the hackers and have private pictures leaked online. In the past, Hollywood actors like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson have been surfaced on the internet. The actress is currently filming a real-life "Barbie doll" movie.   Earlier in April, pop star Miley Cyrus was another target of the hackers when the singer was attacked in a similar manner. Ahead of the incident, Twitter was filled with support for the Actor. According to sources, the pictures were believed to have been obtained via a breach of Apple’s cloud services suite iCloud. However, its not confirmed if the pictures are real or morphed. Back in 2014, if you remember "The Fappening", nude photographs of more than 100 celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Vanessa Hudgens, Kirsten Dunst and Ariana Grande were shared widely on the internet. It is not just the Hollywood A-listers who are victims to the hackers' antics. Various celebrities across the globe fall prey to hacking which leads to exposing their private pictures and videos. What needs to be understood is that if the accounts of such celebrities can be easily hacked, we are easier prey to hackers and thus should take all precautions to make sure our social media accounts, emails and other data online are safe. Choosing a unique and strong password is one of the ways to stay safe online. Also, changing the passwords at regular intervals may also help.