She was the darling of the masses and everyone expected her to walk away as the winner. However, actress Oviya decided to leave the Bigg Boss house as she was under a lot of stress and suffered a breakdown. The Oviya’s Army was heart-broken.

The audience was praying she would return to Bigg Boss but Oviya has now put out a video stating that she would not. She said in the video, “I never expected such a warm welcome from the audience. I am very happy for that. Thank you.”

The actress went on to say, “I was cornered by some people and I know how I felt. I was mentally disturbed and I decided to come out of the house.” Oviya asked her fans not to hate Julie and Shakti because they cornered her.

As soon as Oviya came out of the house, she got a new haircut which left people wondering why. She revealed in the video that she got a haircut to donate her hair to a wig brand which makes wigs for cancer survivors.