We are introduced to AK or Ajay Kumar as soon the movie opens. Working in Serbia, AK is an honest anti-terrorism squad member who is suddenly being hunted down by his team members which includes his close friend Aryan (Vivek Oberoi). Why? Because they suspect the honest man has stolen nuclear launch code drives and has now gone rogue.

The story then unfolds as to how AK has become a most wanted man. AK and Aryan are on the hunt for Natasha (Akshara Haasan), a hacker, who stole nuclear launch codes that can generate earthquakes. It is when AK discovers that Natasha is an innocent girl who got caught in the wrong circles. How do they track Natasha? What does AK do to prove his innocence? Who betrays him?

Director Siva promised fans and the audience that this movie will be high-octane and action-packed and that is what he has delivered. Ajith performs many stunts through the film which involve everything from cars, bikes, nun chuks, and swords and of course, guns. It’s a pleasure to see Ajith doing wheelies on screen given that in real life he was a bike racer. The role of AK has been tailor-made for Ajith and it is a cakewalk for him.

Like his earlier films, Siva has ensured there is plenty of sentiment and emotions along with the action. While AK’s wife Yazhini (Kajal Aggarwal) showcases the family sentiment, Aryan’s role brings into play the friendship angle. There’s love, anger, betrayal and revenge aplenty in Vivegam.

Akshara Haasan makes her debut in the Tamil film industry with Vivegam. Though she may be in the movie for just 20 minutes, she looks very pretty and has great screen presence. Akshara has definitely arrived with this film.

Bollywood actor Vivek Anand Oberoi is impressive as Aryan. He is a stylish villain who is a good match for AK on screen. As for Kajal Aggarwal, she delivers what is required for her role as Yazhini.

Music director Anirudh’s songs and BGM are one of the highlights of the film. Survival and Thala Viduthala have already become hits as has the romantic number Kaadhalada.

Thala does have the famous one-liners or punch dialogues in Vivegam that is targeted at his fans. Sample these – AK says fear has no language and to never ever give up. He also adds that in friendship, there should never be doubts and if there are, then it is not friendship.

There are plenty of other whistle-worthy moments in the film too. Ajith showing off his six-packs and vrooming down on his bike has the audience clapping away.

The film is very stylish and the visuals are a treat as it has been shot in the beautiful locales of Eastern Europe. The VFX is not up to the standard one would expect but it can be overlooked.

There’s not much in terms of a plot so don’t look for one. Ultimately, it’s the high-octane cat-and-mouse game between AK and Aryan which keeps the audience thoroughly engaged.