Lyricist Prasoon Joshi has recently resumed the office of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) as the chief after the previous chief Pahlaj Nihalani was sacked.

Joshi has reportedly denied certification to a Punjabi film namely ‘Toofan Singh’ on the grounds of ‘excessive violence’.

‘Toofan Singh’, directed by Baghal Singh and starring Ranjit Bawa, revolves around the story of a man who adopts terror tactics to fight terrorism.

A source from the CBFC said to DNA, “Toofan Singh is a terrorist, who goes on a rampage killing corrupt cops and politicians. And they’ve compared him to Bhagat Singh. The film is brutal and anarchic. We couldn’t empathise with its message of brute power, let alone grant it a censor certificate.”

However, current report suggests that the movie was not banned by the present Censor Board chief Prasoon Joshi, but by the former CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihalani.

Popular news daily, The Indian Express took an interview of veteran actor Raja Murad, who plays the role of home minister in the film. In that interview, Murad revealed that the film was banned by the former chief Nihalani and not Joshi.

Raja Murad was quoted saying, “Toofan Singh is a Punjabi film based on a terrorist. The Pahlaj-led CBFC banned the film because according to them the film glorifies terrorism, and that might give a wrong message to today’s youth. However, the film has been released in many countries, and has been received warmly. Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day in India. Hopefully, it will someday.”