Ottawa :  Lilly Singh, the YouTube sensation also known as “superwoman”, has shared a sneak peak of her first feature film “A Trip to Unicorn Island”.

“It’s very close to my heart,” Lilly told about the project, a sneak peek of which debuted on Friday.

“It’s a story about me going through the trials and tribulations of my life, and really making the decision to be happy,” added the Indo-Canadian YouTube personality, motivational speaker and comedienne. 

Lilly, popular for her satirical takes on everyday life, began her channel in 2010 and has over six million subscribers on YouTube. Her fans are known as Team Super.

“I didn’t want to make it a video because I wanted to transcend beyond the audience I have. I wanted it to be in this fashion of storytelling where you could come on a journey through my life framed through my tour,” she said. 

Lilly’s tour includes everything from comedy to music to frank discussions about her battles with depression and her family life.

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