The King of Pop, Michael Jackson was a true legend for all the music lovers. From his soulful music to his unique style of moon walking, he has left a legacy behind him.

Michael Jackson, who started performing since the age of four, was an American singer, dancer and songwriter. He took Pop music to a whole new different level by his own ‘MJ’ style.

Born on August 29 1958, Jackson was the best album selling artist till his last breath. With Billions of fans all over the world, he was also called the King of Pop and made his own style statements.

Leaving his fans shocked and full of sorrow, Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009. The ‘Beat It’ star was also accused of child abuse in 1993.

With over 40 Billboard awards, 13 Grammy and 26v American Music Awards, Jackson remains the most awarded artist. Whenever we listen to his all time hit –maker ‘Beat It’, we cannot stop ourselves from dancing to his tune n trying to do moon walking like him.

Happy Birthday to the legend who would have turned 59 today if he was alive.