Shubh Mangal Saavdhan is the remake of the Tamil film ‘Kalyana Samayal Saadham’ and is directed by the same director R S Prasanna. The film is a rom-com that focuses on a ‘gent’s problem’. Mudit (Ayushmann Khurana) likes Sugandha (Bhumi) and desperately tries to make a move. The one time he does, it turns out to be a disaster involving a bear to boot. So he musters up the courage to send a marriage proposal.

Meanwhile, Sugandha wants a bells and whistles romance before marriage and she decides that’s what she’ll get with Mudit. She says yes to Music and thus begins their romance. They steal kisses away from prying eyes and it’s when they decide to go a step further that things fall flat. A DDA flat, pics of Sugandha’s dead grandparents and parents, cause Mudit anxiety. They finally move to the bedroom and Mudit can’t do it. It’s when the talk of ‘gent’s problem’ immortalised on screen by a limp biscuit hits us. How do they deal with it? Does Mudit’s problem get fixed? Does the wedding happen?

Director R S Prasanna has ensured he has stayed true to the script and the way he has adapted it for the Hindi audience is apt. This rom-com has got the casting so right that every character adds more flavour to the film be it Sugandha’s brother or the priest. Everyone evokes laughter with their dialogues and antics. And it is writer Hitesh Kewalya that needs to be commended for his script. The dialogues in some places are just brilliant – like the way the whole gent’s problem is described or the way Sugandha’s mother tries to explain sex to her daughter.

Both Ayushman and Bhumi are on a role with their just released films doing well at the box office. This is another feather in their cap. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan is one of the better films that released this year. While the climax could have been better, it’s a film that more than exceeds expectations.

Don’t miss this gem of a film!

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