Bigg Boss is a Tamil reality TV show in its truest essence, aired on Star Vijay. There will be a 100 days of unadulterated drama, excitement, anticipation, fun, and of course, superstar Kamal Haasan as the host.

11th Week is going on and house has got his new leader, as it is a Bigg Boss house a lot is happening and will happen in upcoming episodes.

Here are some highlights of 11th week episodes:

  • Vaiyapuri became captain of the house in week 11 by winning the task of collecting green badges.
  • Bigg Boss announced that Bindhu Madhavi, Harish Kalyan, Suja Varunee and Ganesh Venkatraman would face elimination.
  • Suja Varunee clarifies the tag ‘Drama Queen’ which Julie gave her.
  • Snehan disheartened by the ‘Cunning’ award given by Sakthi.
  • ‘Freeze and Release’ task slightly irks Julie as Harathi poured batter on her head and face.
  • Bigg Boss punishes Vaiyapuri for violating the rule of ‘Freeze and Release’ task for having a conversation with his wife.

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