Naga Chaitanya’s latest release ‘Yuddham Sharanam’ sees him back on screen in an action-packed emotional drama. Arjun (Naga Chaitanya) is living the good life with his parents (Rao Ramesh and Revathi) who spend their life serving the needy. But Arjun is into inventions and his goal is to make his drone a super success. He meets Dr Anjali (Lavanya Tripathi) when she joins his mother, a doctor, for a few months to help her.

One day his path crosses that of Nayak (Sreekanth), a don who turns terrorist when he sets off a series of bomb blasts in the city. Meanwhile, Arjun suffers a shock when his parents disappear without a trace. What could have happened? How is Nayak connected to Arjun’s parents?

Director Krishna R Marimuthu makes his debut with Yuddham Sharanam and it’s a good effort. He has presented Naga Chaitanya’s skills be it action or emotion elaborately in the role of Arjun and Naga Chaitanya exceeds expectations.

The first half of the film starts off at a slow pace where we are presented the emotional, family-oriented drama. Naga Chaitanya’s action skills come to the fore in the second half where he is out to get revenge and save his family. The contrast of how a young man’s life suddenly turns topsy turvy is quite well presented by the director.

The fun interplay between father and son is also one of the highlights of the film. But the movie isn’t without its flaws. The director uses a present to past narrative style to engage the audience but it’s not always successful. Some of the characters could have been better written.

The movie revolves around Arjun so there’s not much of a role for Lavanya other than being his girlfriend. Sreekanth is a good choice to play the don but the role of Nayak is not strong and falls flat. Ramesh Rao and Revathi bring a smile as Arjun’s parents and they are so effortless in their roles.

Yuddham Sharanam is a feather in Naga Chaitanya’s cap and director Marimuthu has gotten off to a good start.

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