Director Mysskin is known for his brand of cinema that is quirky, intense and with a slew of characters that remain etched in your mind long after the film is over. And his latest movie Thuparivaalan, a detective thriller, doesn’t fail to disappoint. Actor Vishal has teamed up for the first time with Mysskin to produce this film under his home banner.

The end result is a highly satisfying entertainer that Kaniyan Poogundran (Vishal), a private detective who’s desperate for a new case, lives with Prabhakaran (Prasanna), his friend and man Friday. The two characters have been fashioned a la Sherlock Holmes and Watson by Mysskin in this detective flick.

Kani is eccentric like Holmes and his personality and mannerisms are quite reminiscent of Benedict Cumberbatch. Prabha is less Watson-ish and more friend to support this much misunderstood and emotionally challenged man in life.

Mysskin gives us a thriller that is very avant-garde for Tamil cinema. The way he has intricately woven the story with a plethora of characters doesn’t leave you confused but in wonder that not one person is out-of-place or could be done away with.

Like many of his earlier films, the director has ensured there’s a limited stress on romance and has done away with songs. In fact, this has added more depth to the film and made it highly engaging.

Vishal has done many masala, commercial films and seeing him in this role is refreshing to say the least. His acting is very subdued with a new body language and he managed to pull Kani very convincingly. Kani seems to have shades of Mysskin’s own personality as well but Vishal has made Kani his own. The action scenes have been tailor-made for Vishal and he proves – yet again – that it is a cakewalk for him. The addition of the

Vietnamese fighters and using new techniques and locations for these fights are some other highlights of this movie.

Prasanna is a good foil to Vishal and the contrast on their characters is well brought out by his acting prowess.

As a filmmaker, Mysskin is influenced by many renowned names like Kurosawa and these do reflect in his brand of cinema. The music for this film is by Arrol Correlli who has worked with Mysskin before. The BGM is instrumental in this film as it conveys thoughts, actions and emotions swiftly to take the story forward.

Thuparivaalan is not a mainstream commercial Tamil film and does slow down in places. However, you never feel bored thanks to the story, the performances and the music. This film might not be everyone’s cup of green tea but is a well-made detective tale that should herald a new genre in Tamil cinema. Don’t miss it.

Watch the trailer below