His latest flick ‘Thupparivaalan’ with Vishal is a superhit but maverick director Mysskin takes it in his stride. In this exclusive interview with NewsX, he reveals that he has seen many failures in his life and successes too. “I have seen poverty when I was a child and many love failures,” he admits candidly.

Mysskin has never learnt filmmaking in a school but it is through his voracious reading and his love for world film classics (which he revisits all the time) that he has honed his skills. In fact, he anointed himself as Mysskin after Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel, ‘The Idiot’. “I love Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky. My masters are Akira Kurosawa and Robert Bresson,” says Mysskin.

The director is also known to be quirky and temperamental. And he tells us why. Ask him if he is a misfit in the Tamil film industry and he says, “Of course!” and elaborates. Mysskin also talks to his about his four favourite screenplays in Tamil cinema. Watch this exclusive interview to find out more.