‘Baahubali’ actor Rana Daggubati whose next film ‘Naan Aanaiyitaal’ is set to hit the theatres soon spoke exclusively to NewsX about the movie, success of ‘Baahubali’, his passion for telling stories and multitude of other things.

Talking about soaring expectations from his next release, Daggubati said he does not let expectations get better of him.

“I do not take pressure of ‘Bahubaali’, I just take it as an armour to go forward,” he said.

Talking about storyline of the movie, Daggubati said. “It is a very soulful film. It is story of a husband and wife.. simple people with simple dreams .. and when they are shattered, things change for them.. so that is what the film is all about.”

Speaking about success of ‘Baahubali 2’, Daggubati said the film had opened new ventures for Indian cinema.

“Baahubali- The conclusion is not the conclusion. It is a beginning of great things,” he said.

The actor added that people do appreciate good films even today if they are told well.

“Success of ‘Bahubaali 2’ and ‘The Ghazi Attack’ has proved that if you make good cinema people will watch it,” Daggubati remarked.

Daggubati further said in the interview that he does not care much about trolls on social media.

” I do not care so much. I follow the motto that what other problem think of you is not your problem,” the actor said.

Rana also said that he manages a private life despite constant limelight that actors face.

“I have a super private life. It also depends on you, you should not want to be a celebrity in some places and non-celebrity in other places. I am exactly the same, I would talk to you outside the same way am talking to you on camera. And it is not just about celebrities, everyone’s life has changed because of technology,” he said.