She has sung many hiot nunbers and her latest sensation is the song ‘Swing Zara’ from NTR Jr superhit film Jai Lava Kusa. Singer Neha Bhasin talks to NewsX about her experience with top Telugu music director Devi Sri Prasad or DSP. Actress Tamannaah has danced for this sexy song on screen and people can’t stop raving.

NewsX: How was your experience with DSP for Jai Lava Kusa?
Neha: Working with DSP is always fun. It’s a great opportunity to be creative. He’s also a friend and someone I admire. So working with him on Swing Zara was awesome

NewsX: You have sung many Telugu songs. What makes this one special?
Neha: It’s very different from what I’ve done before. I’ve never done such an upbeat, almost dance number. It’s got a very raw feel. I had to almost act for the song. It had to have a very local yet modern vibe about it. It will definitely be something new for the fans

NewsX: DSP is known for his upbeat tempos. Comment.
Neha: Doing upbeat songs is definitely his USP. He does great melodies too but I think upbeat tracks come to him very naturally because he himself is a great dancer and a fantastic performer.

NewsX: Many of your songs in Tamil have been hits. Are you working in Tamil now?
Neha: I love singing in Tamil. I know it’s been a while since my last song. I do miss singing for Yuvan Shankar Raja and all my other music directors.

NewsX: Are you particular about the songs you sing for films?
Neha: Yes, I am particular. I find it difficult to sing and perform to music I don’t believe in. I have to feel personally connected. That’s what brings a great performance out of me. I want to create a legacy for myself by being iconic music over numbers. So quality definitely comes before quantity

WATCH the song ‘Swing Zara’ here: