This was one of the most highly expected films this year as it features Jr NTR in not one but three roles for the first time. Directed by KS Ravindra aka Bobby, the movie is an action thriller which stars Jr NTR as Jai, Lava and Kusa who are siblings and like their names suggest they are renowned as children in enacting the Ramayana through their uncle’s drama company. While Lava an Kusa turn out to the favourites playing Ram and Lakshman, Jai ends up doing menial work and playing the evil one in their plays. The rejection he faces makes him start to hate his brothers and it eventually turns him evil in life as well akin to Ravana. 
The three brothers are separated due to an accident masterminded by Jai and they end up meeting again as grown men. Lava becomes a nice bank manager while Kusa turns into a crook who wants to migrate to the US. Jai turns out to be the Ravana of Behrampur who is feared by all. How do their lives get entwined again? Does good vanquish evil in the end? Is Jai ever loved by his brothers?
Director Bobby has cleverly taken the basic storyline of Ramayana and woven it into a tale of three brothers. Jr NTR is brilliant in how he has enacted the three entirely different roles and this is one of the major highlights of the film. Bobby’s characterisation of the roles are excellent which lends credence to the whole plot. 
The first half of the film is entertaining with comic relief while the second half is high on emotions. The two leading ladies add glamour to the film while Tamannaah spices it up in the song Swing Zara. The music by Devi Sri Prasad is very peppy and with Jr NTR being a wonderful dancer, the songs are a visual delight. 
Director Bobby and Jr NTR have delivered a must-watch film even though it has some flaws. Jai Lava Kusa proves yet again that Jr NTR is a highly talented actor who can essay any role with ease.