One of the most popular Indian TV reality shows, Bigg Boss which is hosted by none other than heartthrob of many, Salman Khan is back with season 11. The show which is popular for various elements specially the fights amongst the contestants of the show is also remembered for various quarrels between some of the contestants and host Salman Khan.

While all Bigg Boss fans cannot wait for the ‘weekend ka vaar’ episodes where Salman Khan is often shown taking the case of a few contestants for their behavior in the Bigg Boss house in a fun way.

However, there have been a few instances where Salman Khan lost his cool and lashed out at a few contestants who argued with him or accused him of being biased towards his favourites.

Here is a list of contestants who got into an ugly spat with host Salman Khan:

1-Swami Om: The ‘self proclaimed’ god-man has been infamous for his brawls in the Bigg Boss house in season 10 where from peeing in the kitchen to passing derogatory comments on Bani J’s mother, Swami Om did it all  for publicity. He even went to the extent of throwing urine on the fellow contestants on a national platform post which Salman Khan condemned his actions and threw him out of the show.

2-Priyanka Jagga: After being eliminated from the show in the first week, commoner Priyanka Jagga entered as a wild card entry after a few weeks. It was then when she started creating trouble for everyone in the house with her abusive talks, unnecessary fights and much more. However, it was when Priyanka passed comments about Manu Punjabi’s late mother; Salman Khan couldn’t tolerate this and asked her to leave the show. Not only this, he even asked the channel Colors that if she will ever come on any show of Colors, he will not host Bigg Boss.

3-Karishma Tanna: Being one of the finalists on the show, Karishma Tanna irked Salman Khan many times during the show. May it be about her constant rant for her make up or not taking jokes in a good spirit, there used to be a war of words between her and Salman Khan often which once made Salman Khan leave the show mid-way.

4-Kushal Tandon: He was part of the seventh season of Biss Boss where his arrogant approach and stubborn attitude did not go well with the host. Kushal even accused Salman Khan of favouring Kajol’s younger sister Tanisha. The two had an ugly argument when Salman lashed out at Kushal for abusing Tanisha during a task.

5-Imam Siddique: He shocked everyone in season six from his scary behavior to threatening the contestants. In an episode when Salman was taking Imam’s class and he said, “Time-out”. Salman who is known for not taking any rubbish, rebuked Imam and warned him to stay within his limits.

6- Akashdeep Saigal: On the fifth season of Bigg Boss, actor Akashdeep Saigal left Salman Khan fuming as he walked away while Salman was talking to him. The aspiring actor even accused Salman of destroying his career to take revenge for whatever happened on the show.