Actress Sai Dhanshika was attending an event to promote her film Vizhithiru with veteran actor-producer-director T Rajendar, director Venkat Prabhu, actors Krishna and Vidharth. But what should have been a happy event turned into a humiliating one for her.

While thanking people who worked with her on the film, Dhanshika inadvertently forgot to mention T Rajendar who did a song in the film. When it was T Rajendar’s turn to take the mike, he insulted Dhanshika for her lack of manners. He said on stage, “Dhanshika acted with Superstar she did Vizhithiru; that’s why she’s asking who is T Rajendar. It’s not as if my life depends on her saying my name.” When she tried to get up he said, “Please sit. You are a big artist.

Dhanshika then apologised to him but he chastised her saying, “You didn’t come in a saree so there’s no need for you to say sorry. You need to know about manners on stage – learn to respect others.”

The actress then interrupted him and said she had a lot of respect for him and that she was nervous about speaking on stage, hence she forgot to mention him. Dhanshika even touched his feet. But T Rajendar replied that he cared two hoots for her respect. He adds, “I am teaching you how to respect people – big or small”

None of the other men on stage including director Venkat Prabhu, actors Krishna or Vidharth said anything or tried to stop T Rajendar. In fact, they are seen laughing at the things T Rajendar was saying!

Many people on social media came to Dhanshika’s defence and celebs also rooted for her. The actress didn’t react to what T Rajendar said but was reduced to tears by him in public.

Actor-producer Vishal, President of Tamil Nadu Producers’ Council, condemned what T Rajendar did. Actress Priya Anand tweeted, “You handled yourself with soo much grace @SaiDhanshika Good on you.” Actress Divya Dharshi tweeted, “U held urself with grace on that stage. ur taught with vry good meadai nagareengam my girl, yevlo mariyadaiya nadanthukiteenga.”

Meanwhile, Sai Dhanshika herself tweeted after the event, “I’m really obliged to d no of ppl 4showing their care and luv 4 me, for what happened to me. But it is a pity, this is state of lone women.”