Actor Aarav was been declared as winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 1 on Sunday. The show was embroiled in various controversies and enjoyed huge popularity among Tamil audience.

The last week of the show saw four finalists Aarav, Harish Kalyan, Snehan and Ganesh Venkatraman share thoughts on their journey in the show. While many on social media expected Ganesh to win the show, it was Aarav who walked away with the trophy.

Host Kamal Haasan escorted the two finalists Aarav and Snehan out of the house before declaring Aarav as winner and handing him a trophy and  cheque of Rs 50 lakh. Aarav thanked his parents, school teachers and fans for voting for him and making his victory possible in the winner’s speech. Host Kamal Haasan revealed that the show had garnered a whopping 76,76,53,065 votes overall. 

Oviya, who was one of the most popular contestants of the show and had decided to walk out after getting rebuffed by Aarav and being isolated by other housemates also made an appearance in the finale, much to the delight of her fans.

The fact that Aarav and Oviya would be facing each-other again in the finale had generated great anticipation. the two shared a casual hug and went on to have an awkward chat in the make-up room. 

Host Kamal Haasan, who made his successful TV debut with the show once again hinted at his political entry in the finale. 

“I cannot directly state what I have to say because of certain rules and regulations, but I will definitely come. I will come, not because I am hungry for power but because of the love of my people,” he said.

Well, now it would be interesting to see when Haasan decides to take the plunge.  Hopefully we will know the answer soon.