Based on Nicki Minaj’s risqué hit Anaconda, a parody music video performed by a Tamil Nadu based rapper Sofia Ahshraf went viral after the Grammy-winning US rapper tweeted about it last weekend.

Minaj who has over 20 million followers on Twitter shared an article by a hip-hop magazine with a link to Ahsraf’s ‘Kodaikanal won’t’.

As of weekend itself, the video had won massive appreciation with over 7 lakh views within three days of being posted on Youtube and after being shared on social media sites like Reddit.

The young and talented rapper had earlier released a rap song attacking the Dow Chemicals for the Bhopal gas tragedy.

In her latest release, Ashraf has used simple idiom of the genre to argue on the fact that the Hindustan Unilever has avoided the responsibility to look after the workers and properly clean up the soil and water around its thermometer plant.

‘Kodaikanal won’t’ step down, Ashraf warns Hindustan Unilever in her three-minute rap song, a part of part of a campaign by NGO Jhatkaa.

The video is all about Unilever allegedly avoiding the social responsibility about the harmful effects of its former plant Kodaikanal.

In the video, Ashraf can be seen leading the marches of villagers and former factory workers in the area around a canal which she accuses has not been cleared in the last 14 years ever since the plant has shut down throughout the video.

Video messages send across a strong social message. In the past too, there have been several such videos that has garnered a lot of appreciation from the people. Remember how this video against rape ‘It’s my fault’ featuring actress Kalki Koechlin and VJ Juhi Pandey by AIB had created a buzz on social media? Well, in a similar way, Sofia Ashraf’s message has yet another time to united people to raise their voice against the wrongdoers.

Watch video here:

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