NEW DELHI: Radhe Maa is certainly the latest talk of the town. From Social media, to news organizations, the controversial godwoman has managed to grab all eye-balls for different reasons. Few days ago, some images where Radhe Maa is reportedly seen donning hot red mini skirt with a hat and heavy make-up started doing rounds on internet.
This was not even over that a FIR was registered against the ‘spiritual guru’ in a dowry related case. Amid increasing controversy, Radhe Maa, originally named Sukhvinder Kaur while speaking to NewsX denied to speak on the charges levied against it. “I do not want to comment on anything. I was out on a yatra and I am happy that it went successful.”
Earlier, the self-styled godwoman complaining about ‘unnecessary trouble,’ said that devotees believed she could perform miracles but that was not true. 
“I am deeply attached to the media, police and law and I respect them all. God is also with me,” she said.
In this race of superstitious beliefs, let’s take a look on some famous names that actually follow Radhe Maa religiously.
Subhash Ghai – Filmmaker
Soon after the Radhe Maa broke out, filmmaker Subhash Ghai, one of her devotees, shared a post on his Facebook page extending his support to her.
“Being the devotees of Mata Vaishnu Devi me [and] my wife Mukta have been visiting Radhey Maa to take her blessings since last year… Even we held onemata ki chowki at our residence [and] invited her to bless us [and] other devotees. She had been very affectionate to both of us [and] treat us like her parents [sic],” Ghai wrote.
Prahalad Kakkar – Ad Guru
The famous Ad-Guru Prahlad Kakkar, a strong believer of Radhe Maa expressed, “Why should sadhus wear rags and dreadlocks? Radhe Maa’s style makes her unique”.
Rakhi Sawant – Actress
“I admire her as there is a different aura around her always. She is full of positive energy and I respect Radhe Maa as she gives me the strength when I need,” she said.
Gajendra Chouhan – FTII Chief
Gajendra Chauhan who is currently fighting to save his position as the FTII Chief is another name that tops the followers list of Radhe Maa.
Daler Mehandi – Singer
Famous Punjabi singer Daler Mehandi is amongst the big and popular names of the tinsel town who hold their strong belief in Radhe Maa.
Manoj Tiwari
Actor, singerand Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Manoj Tiwari frequently performs at bhakti events organized in honour of Radhe Maa.
Ravi Kishan
The Rajinikanth of Bhojpuri cinema is also spotted often to seek the blessings of Radhe Maa. 

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